Monday, July 23, 2012

Syrianus on the Timaeus + Parmenides

Among the fragments, we may distinguish In Tim. fr. 3 as it discusses the particular function of grades of daemons and also shows the relationship between the grades, correcting his predecessors on the matter and In Tim. fr. 6, which discusses the place of the Demiurge in Syrianus’ structure of the cosmos, as well as how the placement of the Demiurge corresponds to his function. In Tim fr. 11 is also important, as it gives evidence of Syrianus’ explanation of Platonic arithmetic and geometry in terms of ontology. The connection between geometry and hierarchical metaphysics is also to be found in Syrianus’ In Met. 85.38-86.2, but his thought becomes clearer through Proclus’ elaboration, as Wear rightly points out. In Parm. fr. 5 is also of key importance, as it shows how Syrianus develops the system of Platonic principles, in which reality is the result of the conjunction of Limit (Monad in the In Metaphysica) and Unlimitedness (Dyad in the In Metaphysica).;jsessionid=25abdgrqj8vgx.x-brill-live-01